Wilson 6mm PPC Micro Seater

CODE: 30-004-080

Price: $105.00

In stock

L.E. Wilson tools, dies and gauges have been around since benchrest shooting started, and they know how to make straight-line dies. This Wilson Micrometer Seater Die is stainless steel throughout, including the cap and stem. Tolerance is extremely tight between the seating stem and the die bore hole to ensure straight, accurate bullet seating. The micrometer adjustment feature is easy to use, has .001” graduations and a lock-down set screw to hold the seating depth setting. The 303 and 416 stainless steel construction won’t rust over a lifetime of use, and the die will accommodate 6mm PPC case necks for .261” to .269” chambers. Comes with a stainless “safety base”. This die is designed for arbor press use only.

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