Thermometer - Hygrometer - Clock

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Experienced Benchrest shooters often change their load (powder charge) as the day progresses during a match. How they determine what changes to make is a matter of great debate, but the shooter who gets it right usually ends up on top. Temperature and humidity are two environmental factors that everyone seems to agree have bearing on the performance of their loads – this little instrument lets you keep track of temperature and humidity changes at a glance, and even has an easy-to-set clock. Temperature range is 32-120 deg.F, humidity range 30% to 90% RH, keeps track of min and max temperature and humidity between resets, has calendar and 12/24 hour functions, runs on one AAA battery (not included). If you walk around the loading area at a big benchrest match you will see many of this type of instrument on shooter’s loading tables. These are not scientific lab instruments, but they do give you an accurate idea of environmental changes which will affect load performance.

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