Mike Lucas Cleaning Rod Guide - .695" bolt diameter (please read full description)

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Mike Lucas is a small operation just like Benchrite and he is unable to keep up with the demand for his bore guides. Benchrite is limited in the frequency and quantity of guide orders we are able to make with Mike, and this causes some delay in Benchrite’s ability to ship all guides immediately. This situation is especially true with the 695” bolt diameter 30BR/308 guide and the AR-15 and AR-10 guides. To receive one of these guides the quickest, place your order on the web site in the normal manner, your guide order will be placed in queue in the order it was received and shipped the day the guides arrive from Lucas. Benchrite will email you with the approximate delay time if there is one. We apologize for this situation, but it is beyond our control. Special (not listed on this site) guide orders are welcome, but there is usually a four to six week lead time for them – email sales@benchrite.com to order “special” guides, or call us at 260-456-6809.

An old (but absolutely true) saying says that more barrels are ruined by improper cleaning than by shooting. Properly fitting cleaning rod guides enable the cleaning rod with a jag or brush attached to enter the rifle bore straight and centered in the bore. Good rod guides also prevent the cleaning rod from bowing as it is pushed through the barrel, and they keep solvents and oils from spilling into the action or on the stock. These Mike Lucas bore guides include a close-fitting insert which is sized to cleaning rod diameter and insures a straight entry into the rifle bore. A solvent port is milled into the back of the guide for easy chemical application. We have used these Lucas guides for years, and have found them to fit exactly right, hold up season after season, and they are much easier to use than multi piece stainless guides. You can spend a little less for a one piece or universal type rod guide, but they just don’t center the rod as well as these Lucas guides. Each Mike Lucas Guide comes with the centering insert sized for the correct cleaning rod diameter and extra O-rings for the chamber snout and insert. Rod guides are sized by bolt diameter, caliber and cartridge family. Call or email us if you are not sure which guide to order. Made in the USA.

Compatible with Remington, Farley, Savage, Stolle, Viper.

Available in the following sizes:

  • 22 cal., 6mm PPC
  • 22 cal., 6mm BR
  • 30 BR, 308
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