We will be shooting at the Super Shoot at Kelbly’s Range in Ohio from Thursday, May 19th through Sunday, May 29th. Orders placed during this time period will be shipped on Tuesday, May 31. We apologize for the inconvenience, but most of our inventory will be displayed at the shoot. We can be reached during the Super Shot by phone (260-403-3789) or by email atsales@benchrite.com. Super Shoot is the largest Benchrest gathering each year and we encourage everyone to come and shoot or just come to the Akron, Ohio area and shop or look around.

IOSSO Blue Nyflex Bore Brushes

CODE: 20-004-030

Price: $4.00

In stock

These ultra stiff synthetic bore brushes from Iosso are made with Iosso’s “Nyflex” fiber which is cobalt blue in color. The brush bristles are thicker and stiffer with more fiber per inch than other nylon brushes, brush core is brass, and they are designed to replace bronze bristle bore brushes. Most benchrest shooters use these brushes with Paste type cleaners like Iosso or JB. Eliminator brushes are expensive, but they hold up very well, don’t wear down or break down under heavy use so you don’t replace them very often. Sold singly.

Available in the following sizes:

  • 22 caliber
  • 6mm
  • 30 caliber
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