Bix'n Andy Precision Benchrest Trigger

CODE: 60-001-010

Bix'n Andy / 1

This new Trigger from Bix’n Andy in Austria is taking the current place in the benchrest world of “Oh Wow, I gotta have one of those!”

Modified Standard Trigger Hanger

CODE: 60-001-015

In stock
Bix'n Andy

This “Modified” Trigger Hanger is required to mount Bix’N Andy Competition Triggers in many Bat actions.

Bix’N Andy Competition Trigger – With Sear Insert

CODE: 60-001-020

Bix'n Andy / 1 trigger

This Bix’N Andy Competition Trigger is exactly like the original Bix’N Andy Trigger (no safety, Remington 700 2-pin mount, same pull weight adjustment) with the addition of an upgraded sear in the top of the trigger.

Bullet Central Adjustable Kelbly Trigger Hanger

CODE: 60-001-030

Bullet Central / 1 trigger hanger

The Bullet Central Adjustable Trigger Hanger is custom designed for the Kelbly Panda Action, and fits the Panda, F-Class Panda, 338 LM Panda, Kodiak and Grizzly actions (does not fit the Kelbly Atlas Action).

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