Powder Measure Accessories

Benchrite Powder Measure Drop Tubes

CODE: 30-005-500

In stock
Benchrite / 1

These Benchrite Drop Tubes are the clear acrylic tubes with aluminum sleeves preferred by competition shooters.

Harrell Powder Measure Drop Tubes

CODE: 30-005-060

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Harrell / 1
Harrell powder measures use a unique collet system to retain the drop tube, so tubes need to be replaced with original Harrell drop tubes. We stock original Harrell tubes in 6” and 8” lengths for 22 cal. to 6mm and a larger inside diameter 6” and 8” length tube for 6.5mm and larger cases.

Benchrite Powder Measure Bag

CODE: 40-001-040

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Benchrite / 1
Powder measures are an essential piece of equipment for every reloader, but benchrest shooters haul them to matches, load with them outside and need to rely... More

PMA Tool Powder Measure Stand

CODE: 30-005-080

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PMA Tool / 1

The guys at PMA have done their homework with this powder measure stand. It is compact, adaptable to just about any bench configuration or thickness, is very ridged and holds any “clamp style” powder measure at the desired height.

Powder Bottle - 16 oz.

CODE: 30-005-090

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Nalgene / 1 bottle

These Nalgene brand 16 oz. (500 ml.) Powder Bottles fit just about all Custom Powder Measures including Jones, Bruno, Sinclair, Culver, Large Harrell, Dodd, and most powder bottle adapters from Sinclair and others.

  • 30-005-091 - Without Plug 
  • 30-005-092 - With Bottom Plug 

Powder Bottle - 8 oz.

CODE: 30-005-085

In stock
Nalgene / 1 bottle

These 8 oz. (250 ml.) Nalgene brand Powder Bottles fit the “Small Harrell” Powder Measures like the Harrell Premium BR, Custom 90 and the Harrell Pistol Measure.

  • 30-005-086 - Without Bottom Plug 
  • 30-005-087 - With Bottom Plug 

Long Drop Tube Funnel

CODE: 30-005-095

In stock
Benchrite / 1 funnel

This funnel combines our 10” aluminum ferruled drop tube with a small (2 ½” opening) aluminum funnel.

RCBS Powder Pan

CODE: 30-005-120

In stock
RCBS / 1 powder pan

This is the original RCBS gold anodized aluminum powder pan furnished with the old standby RCBS 505 and 10-10 mechanical scales – it’s still the best pan around.

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