Dies and Die Shims

Skip's 7/8-14 Sizing Die Shims

CODE: 30-004-030

In stock
Skip / 7 shims
Adjusting a 7/8-14 threaded sizing die (or threaded seater die) to the exact shoulder bump you need is a laborious process. This set of seven 7/8” die... More

Skip's Seater Die Shims

CODE: 30-004-040

In stock
Skip / 10 shims

Our shim set includes ten steel shims in sizes from .003” to .025”.

JLC Precision Full Length 6 PPC Sizing Die

CODE: 30-004-072

In stock
JLC Precision / 1

These full length sizing dies take standard ½” diameter Wilson type bushings, have hardened die bodies, come with a die lock ring and extra decap pin and O-ring for the decap assembly.

AccuGauge Sizing Die Set-Up Gauge

CODE: 30-004-080

In stock
Chuck MacCluer / 1 gauge

You don’t need to rely on “bolt feel”, chambered barrel stubs or the little “shoulder gauge” most of us have in our box. Just drop a fired case in the end of the piston and insert the piston into the gauge body, then read off the chamber length from the dial indicator.

PMA TOOL Micro Die Adjuster

CODE: 30-004-095

In stock
PMA Tool / 1

This well designed and very nicely made accessory replaces the lock ring on 7/8-14 threaded dies and enables you to adjust the die in the press without losing the settings or using shims under the lock ring.

Carbide Neck Die Bushings

CODE: 30-004-100

In stock

These bushings are the standard ½ inch diameter by 3/8 inch tall style used in most sizing dies – custom and standard production from Wilson, Redding, Hornady and most others.

Royal Case & Die Lube

CODE: 30-004-120

In stock
Royal / 1 container

Royal Case & Die Lube from Sharp Shoot R products is an extremely high lubricity case sizing lubricant which leaves no tacky residue and wipes off very easily.

Wilson 6mm PPC Micro Seater

CODE: 30-004-080

In stock
L. E. Wilson / 1 tool

This Wilson Micrometer Seater Die is stainless steel throughout, including the cap and stem.

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