Case Preparation Tools

Benchrite Adjustable Primer Pocket Uniformer

CODE: 30-003-020

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Benchrite / 1

The Benchrite Adjustable Primer Pocket Uniformers for small rifle and large rifle primer pockets can be adjusted to clean up and uniform the bottoms of your primer pockets regardless of variances in brass manufacturing.

PMA Tool Case Holders

CODE: 30-003-010

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PMA Tool / 1
We chose these PMA Tool stainless steel case holders for our Neck Turning Case Lathe because they are the most nicely machined holders we have seen.

PMA Tool Case Holder Driver

CODE: 30-003-030

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PMA Tool / 1
These stainless steel Case Holder Drivers fit the PMA Tool case holders (30-010 to 30-016 on this site) and will enable you to power just about all the case prep operations you used to do by hand.

Benchrite Case Neck Brush Handle

CODE: 30-005-010

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Benchrite / 1 handle

We liked our Primer Pocket Uniformer handle so well – not too big, not too small and very comfortable, that we decided to make the same handle available for case neck cleaning. The handle has a brass 8-32 female threaded insert, and will accept any 8-32 male threaded brush or accessory. Our brush handle is available by itself or in combination with a blue Iosso Eliminator Brush – scroll down in this category to find the combo listings.

Benchrite Case Neck Brush Handle with Neck Brush

CODE: 30-006-000

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Benchrite / 1 handle with brush

This little combo kit includes our Case Neck Brush Handle and a blue Iosso Eliminator Brush with a little savings over the items purchased separately. We have found that the truly premium Eliminator brushes make the best inside case neck brushes we have ever tried. The brushes clean superbly, fit well and seem to last forever. Combo kit is available with a 22 caliber brush, a 6mm brush or a 30 caliber brush.

Benchrite Threaded Case Lath Spindle

CODE: 30-002-030

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Benchrite / 1

This threaded spindle fits the shaft on the Benchrite Case Lathe (or any 5/16” shaft) and is threaded to accept a 38-24 threaded chuck.

Jacobs Keyless Chuck

CODE: 30-002-040

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Jacobs / 1

The Chuck is a “hand-tite” unit with a “click” indicator when tight, capacity is 1/16” to 3/8”, threaded mount is 3/8-24 to fit our Case Lathe Spindle (30-001-030).

Combination Chuck/Spindle for Case Turning Lathe

CODE: 30-002-045

In stock
Benchrite / 1

This product includes our new Threaded Chuck Spindle and the Jacobs Keyless Chuck (30-002-030 and 30-002-040) assembled and ready to go on your Case Neck Turning Lathe.

PMA Tool Mini Case Trimmer

CODE: 30-020-000

In stock
PMA Tool / 1

These little case trimmers index off the shoulder of the case and are intended to do a quick trimming by hand at the bench or during a match.

Case Neck Brush Power Adapter

CODE: 30-005-020

In stock
PMA Tool / 1 power adapter

This little adapter from PMA Tool is threaded (8-32) on one end and has a ¼” hex on the other.

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