Benchrite Case Lathe

Benchrite Case Lathe for Neck Turning

CODE: 30-001-000

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Our powered Case Lathe makes neck turning brass an easy, pleasant job instead of a necessary project to be dreaded and put off.

Benchrite Case Lathe Spindle

CODE: 30-001-020

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These Benchrite Case Lathe Spindles fit our Neck Turning Case lathe, or any single flat, 5/16” diameter motor shaft.

PMA Tool Case Holders

CODE: 30-003-010

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PMA Tool / 1
We chose these PMA Tool stainless steel case holders for our Neck Turning Case Lathe because they are the most nicely machined holders we have seen.

Benchrite Threaded Case Lath Spindle

CODE: 30-002-030

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This threaded spindle fits the shaft on the Benchrite Case Lathe (or any 5/16” shaft) and is threaded to accept a 38-24 threaded chuck.

Jacobs Keyless Chuck

CODE: 30-002-040

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Jacobs / 1

The Chuck is a “hand-tite” unit with a “click” indicator when tight, capacity is 1/16” to 3/8”, threaded mount is 3/8-24 to fit our Case Lathe Spindle (30-001-030).

Combination Chuck/Spindle for Case Turning Lathe

CODE: 30-002-045

In stock
Benchrite / 1

This product includes our new Threaded Chuck Spindle and the Jacobs Keyless Chuck (30-002-030 and 30-002-040) assembled and ready to go on your Case Neck Turning Lathe.

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