Bore Brushes and Chamber Mops

IOSSO Blue Nyflex Bore Brushes

CODE: 20-004-030

In stock
These ultra stiff synthetic bore brushes from Iosso are made with Iosso’s “Nyflex” fiber which is cobalt blue in color.

Dewey Bronze Bore Brushes

CODE: 20-004-010

In stock
Dewey / 12
Our bronze bore brushes come from J. Dewey (the cleaning rod people) and they are the best we have used over many years of gun cleaning. These bronze... More

Dewey Nylon Bore Brushes

CODE: 20-004-020

In stock
Dewey / 12 per package
These black nylon bore brushes from J. Dewey (the cleaning rod people) have very heavy nylon bristles, fit snuggly in the rifle bore and are excellent for... More

Dewey Cotton Chamber Mop

CODE: 20-004-050

In stock
Dewey / 1
These cotton mops are used by just about every competition shooter to wipe out and dry the rifle’s chamber after cleaning the barrel. Cleaning rod guides do... More

Benchrite Chamber Swab Rod and Handle

CODE: 20-004-052

In stock
Benchrite / 1 handle with mop

Our Chamber Swab tool makes drying the chamber simple and fast, just push the swab into the chamber and give it a twist.




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