Cleaning Rods

Dewey Coated Cleaning Rods

CODE: 20-002-010

In stock
Dewey / 1
Dewey Coated Cleaning Rods are probably used by more competitive, military, law enforcement and other serious shooters than any other rod available. These... More

Pro Shot Stainless Cleaning Rods

CODE: 20-002-080

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Pro Shot / 1
One of the all-time continuing shooter debates is over the use of stainless steel or coated cleaning rods. We think either works just fine if a good rod... More

Dewey Copper Eliminator Rods

CODE: 20-002-080

In stock
Dewey / 1 rod with jag

These new coated rods from Dewey have a machined aluminum female (8-32) threaded ferrule instead of the threaded rod end and brass brush adapter of the standard Dewey rod. Rods come with a male threaded 22 caliber aluminum jag.

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