Bore Solvents and Cleaners

Butch's Bore Shine

CODE: 20-001-010

In stock
Butch's / 16 ounces

Butch’s Bore Shine is a ”traditional” type bore solvent.

TM Solution Bore Solvent

CODE: 20-001-020

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TM Solution / 16 ounces

TM Solution is a newer style “non-ammonia” bore cleaner from Tom Merideth, a well known stock maker and benchrest shooter.

IOSSO Paste Bore Cleaner

CODE: 20-001-030

In stock
Iosso is a paste type bore cleaner which has become extremely popular with benchrest and other competition shooters. Many consider Iosso especially effective... More

4 Ounce Solvent Bottle

CODE: 20-001-040

In stock
Benchrite / 1 bottle

These unbreakable solvent bottles come with a flip-up lid to make it easy to put solvent or oil on a patch or brush through the solvent port of your rod guide

Wipe-Out Patch-Out

CODE: 60

In stock
Sharp Shoot R / 1 - 8oz bottle

This Patch-Out version of the Sharp Shoot R Wipe-Out bore cleaner is a stronger cleaner than the original foam/aerosol Wipe-Out and has become quite popular with Benchrest shooters over the last few years.

Wipe-Out Accelerator

CODE: 20-001-070

In stock
Sharp Shoot R / 1 - 8oz bottle

Sharp Shoot R Products developed Wipe-Out Accelerator to speed up the bore cleaning process for shooters using Wipe-Out or Wipe-Out Patch Out. 

Bore Tech Cu+2 Copper Remover

CODE: 20-001-087

In stock
Bore Tech / 1 applicator

Bore Tech’s Cu+2 is a new solvent designed specifically to remove copper fouling from rifle bores quickly and easily.

Bore Tech C4 Carbon Remover

CODE: 20-001-088

In stock
Bore Tech / 1 applicator

Bore Tech C4 is specifically formulated to easily remove carbon/powder fouling from rifle barrels, chamber throats, revolver faces, tuners or suppressors.

Bore Tech Eliminator

CODE: 20-001-085

In stock
Bore Tech / 1 applicator

Eliminator removes copper fouling by changing the electronic state of the copper molecules then holds them in suspension so they can be patched out. Carbon fouling is addressed with a chemical surfactant package which breaks up the carbon/powder fouling layers.

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