Reloading Equipment

Competition benchrest shooting almost always involves loading one’s own ammunition, and this reloading often includes extensive brass case preparation. Most benchrest rifles have “tight neck” chambers and require case neck turning as part of the brass preparation process. Many varmint rifles, factory chambered competition rifles and accurate hunting rifles will show accuracy increases if cases are minimally neck turned. Several other “brass prep” operations such as primer pocket uniforming, flash hole reaming and case mouth chamfering and deburring contribute significantly to making accurate, uniform ammunition. Shooters the world over, however, consider all this brass preparation the drudgery penalty for having accurate ammunition on the firing line.

We offer a selection of tools which produce perfectly uniform results from case to case and at the same time help to reduce the drudgery and time spent preparing your brass. This equipment is used by Hall of Fame Shooters, World Team Shooters and World Record Holders in group, score and long range competition. Serious varmint hunters will find an increase in their hit percentage if they follow a good brass preparation program.

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